Top Secret On How to pass school exams With Good Distinction And Flying Colours

Examinations time is the period where students become busy by reading and preparing for their exams. At the end of the semester or term some students ended up with flying colors while some fail.

Here is the solutions, I'm going to share step by step and what I strongly believe that worked for me which i hope will guides you in your school exams.

At the end of this article, you will learn :

1.Reason Why students fail exams

2.Solutions to failure in school examination
How to pass school exams-

When i said, "school exam", I mean the exam that is given to a students at the end of the term or semester to show the knowledge and ability of  the student.
"Examination is not the real test of knowledge " but passing examination with excellent results prove how studious you are and also act as a means of showing how intelligence you are in that particular course( subject).

Below are step which i  applied in school and it work for me with excellence results.

Start from first day:

The earlier ; the better. From the beginning   of the term, start Reading your note when ever  you reach home. Here  is it, go through what you were taught that faithful day, understand it, keep it often and set up a time table for it.

Understand the lesson :
Try as much as possible to understand what  you were taught by asking questions. Search Google for answers and make sure you understand it because cramming for examination will never be 70% Save!

Early to school :
I know you will ask, "did early to school as to do with school exam?"
Yes, it work-in-hand with passion
The earlier you go to school, prove the passion you have for your studies and how studious you are.

Take part in class activities:

Some school take assignment as an assesment or test (which is 40 marks). If you miss assignment, you miss a mark and it prove unseriousness. Try as possible to take part in class work, assignment and other practical because it will help you most.

Record your scores :

It help me the most and let me know what I have and impact me to improve. When you receive your test  script, record it and estimate the next scores you need in the next test to hits 70% to 80% of 100%  to gain excellence results.

Revision :
At the period of exam, you  are only to revise your note because you have been reading since the beginning of the term and as well understand each topics taught.
Don’t Read over night, give yourself an hour or 2 hours depends on the subjects you have the next day.
For me, we have 4 subjects daily, to read for the examination i spent an hour and thirty minutes to revise my note and slept early to refresh my brain. Don't ever stress yourself the night before the exam.

Conclusion :
The above tips is the secret on how to pass examination with flying colours. You fail when you really deserves to fail it because your passion for school makes you to pass your exam with flying colours.
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