How to school the right way

School is the essential need of man,Going to school change your life for a better future ,then if you think school is  scam, you are doing yourself the worse thing.

How to school the right way -

Do you know  our leaders in the country pass through school?
Yes, school give you the authority to be in any position you need. To be a better leader, Entrepreneur, Pastor, etc you need to pass through school.
So in this article, you will learn the step on how to school the right way and pass through school successfully.

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The 3 keys on How to school the right way:

1.Know your Bill
2.Set your goal

Know your Bill:

Don't go to school when you have no idea about the school charges. Before you start, make sure you have all the details about the school of your choice and their charges.

To  school you need money to pay your bill, like i say earlier, "school is the essential need of man" but without money stay back and plan it next time.

Get information from old students or school adviser, ask questions about how they charge and their mode of payment, some people end up knowing all the school charges after they have paid their school fees, registration dues which make them stay back when they can't afford it.
Don’t be on a rush to start, but know their charges and put down on your budget.

Set your goal:
Everything happen for a Reason, the action you take now is for your own Reason either for success now, future, someone or for failures.
When you start the right way you end the right way ; when you start the wrong way you end the wrong way.

Knowing your achievement in anything you do make you focus on it. Like mark zuckerberg , The Founder of Facebook, he dreamed to " Bringing the World closer  together" , he took action and achieve it,now he is making thousand of dollar in it. The last time i check his  net worth according to forbe it was making about 58.2 billion US 2020.

  Your goal matters a lot in anything you do in life! Taking action is what determine how serious you are about it.
Don't your go to school: listen to your teacher, take note, Read and set a goal about what you will achieve at the end of a semester or term.
Recall from the book, Think Big, Dream Big by , "a man without a dream is the poorest man"

You have a dream to go to school, graduate, have a Job and gain money. The time is now!

I know is not easy to graduate in school because it is stressful, take time, knowing your aim in school is what will make you  keep on.

You can't achieve success in school when you don't put more efforts to study harder.Is not all about reading ; is about understanding what you were taught.

Time as the key to success:

Time spend a day determine your step to success. In a day what have you achieved?
How many pages have you Read?
What topics or subject can you  explain for others understanding?
What did you spend your time on?
Have a time table and work on it to a better results. Have a school time table and also have your own personal time table for your after-school reading or lesson.

Have time for yourself, have time for others and also for your assignment.

Make sure you get update about exams time table as early as possible.

Conclusion :
To be successful in school, you need to have the necessary school supplies and recommended  textbook. Don't just jump to start school without knowing the school charges. Money Play a good role when it come to school because you need money to pay school does.

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