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      Studying abroad is one experience that a lot young people will kill to have because of the awesome opportunities and eye opening that comes with it. When you have that opportunity to study abroad you will be amazed at how your personal perspectives and development will grow through the exchange of ideas and information and even learn new culture.

How to study abroad in Notre

    Studying abroad also means that you are one step close to being a global citizen, making new friends and a network of worldwide contact.
     One of the best schools to study abroad is the University of Notre Dame. The University of Notre Dame is a highly rated private catholic institution that is located in Indiana, United states. The institution was founded in the year 1842 by the Reverend father Sorin, a priest of the French missionary order known as the Congregation of the Holy Cross.
     The institution is quite a big one as it can take up to 8000 undergraduates per academic session. The institution is believed to be known for its excellent performance and training of highly recommended and respected students all over the globe most especially in the US where it is suited in and this is why the admission process to study in the school is very competitive with an acceptance rate of only 19% which is very limited and tough.
    The institution focus on many different majors but the most populous majors includes; Finance, Accounting and Economic.
   Studying as an Undergraduate in Notre Dame is not quite easy because you have to start preparing for it right from when you are still in high school and also for you to be able study in Notre Dame there are some admission criteria that is required and they include;

Acceptance rate -19%
SAT range – 1370 – 1520
ACT range – 32-34
High school GPA- highly recommended

 In Notre Dame, undergraduates are encouraged to apply for an admission in the institution through a common application that is worth about $75. The cost of studying in Notre Dame is quite expensive and ranges from about $14,358 -$49,685.
    There are so many reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Notre Dame, first of all, the school is known for its excellence and one of the greatest institution in America. 
  The professors of the institution put in extra effort to make that the students are well trained to ensure that they maintain the reputation and academic standards. Again the institution has also been the forefront in research and scholarship and they even offer study abroad program for international students, so if you ever have an opportunity to study abroad in Notre Dame don’t even think twice before grabbing the opportunity because it is worth it.

How to study abroad in Notre Dame - oya opportunities -

    There are lots of experience a student Benefits from when studying at Notre Dame study abroad program which includes; Internship, research and probably community services. Lastly, here are the few things that you should be aware of;
     You have to eligible either through academic standing and adherence to community standards which are among the factors of determining eligibility as the program appropriateness for your academic goals.
The cost of studying abroad in Notre Dame is quite expensive but Notre Dame will cover for the fees of tuition, room, worldwide health insurance, and living allowances for most semester and full-year. While as a student you are responsible for your study abroad fee and round-trip airfare to program locations. Charges depends base on program like for summer programs and those taken during vacations periods.

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