How to secure admission to study abroad at AAU University Denmark - Aalborg University

      Do you have it in your mind to study abroad at the AAU University but you don’t know much about the institution and their admission procedures. Well in this article, I will be covering a whole lot of information on that but first of all let’s get to know about AAU University.
      AAU University also known by its full name Aalborg University is one of the youngest and modern institution with a state of art facilities and a truly international environment. In case you don’t know the university is located in Denmark, one of the world’s most study abroad destinations and with three campuses in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

How to secure admission to study abroad at AAU University Denmark - Aalborg University

One of the best things of this University is that it has numerous features which makes it unique and different from the rest, one of such features is their learning approach which clearly makes the institution stand out and position them as being innovative and creative and they also employ problem- based project work which equips the students with skills of problem-solving.
     AAU Denmark is always a top notch choice simply because of type and level of programs they offer which is readily available both International and Non-International Students and also the institution offers programs that run across both Bachelors and Master’s degree and are taught in both English and Danish Languages. 
      Studying abroad in AAU Denmark is quite difficult and expensive because the institution does not offer scholarship to international students. Any student who wants to study abroad in AAU Denmark must apply directly for admission on their or make it things easier for you, you can also apply for admission into AAU Denmark through some study abroad agents around your locality. 
Mind you that applying for admission into AAU Denmark requires that you will pay an application fee but actually the fee is not for everybody but specifically for students who are:

 1. Not an EU/EEA citizen and not residing in Denmark and do not have a Danish Upper Secondary School exam.

 2. Not an EU/EEA citizen residing in Denmark with a temporary residence. But the good thing is that the Institution will always repay you the application fee when you are finally admitted but there is no refund of fee if you fail to secure an admission. 
Just before you start applying for a study abroad program in AAU Denmark, these are some of the basic requirements that you should be aware of and they include; IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge or ECPE tests with the required minimum scores. 

NB:  The institution does not accept IELTS and TOEFL tests that are more than 2 years old as at time of your application.

     And again, as I said earlier before AAU Denmark does not offer either financial support or scholarship to International students who are not from EU/EEA regions, so this clearly means that it is your duty to pay your tuition fee on your own. The tuition fee that you will be paying will only cover for the expenses of lectures, guidance, supervision and exams. This also means that others expenses like travel, housing and the rest are your problem to take care of because AAU Denmark won’t be responsible for those. 
    Lastly the application process of AAU Denmark is a three steps procedures which includes the following;

A. Digitally and carefully filling of your application form online 
Uploading your enclosures e.g. your diploma and tests.

B. Your signature page which must be print out and signed before finally submission.

     So in conclusion, a complete application consists of application forms, signature page and enclosures. 

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