Procedures To Gain Admission At UC Davis - University Of California

    Do you know that UC Davis admitted more than 13,000 students per year?
That's to say,"there are chance ,you can get admitted"

    Studying abroad link a range of opportunities to students through their experiences , studies and learning the ways of life of a particular region.

    It is only proper and wise that before you try to get an admission into any institution that you should try your possible best to research and get to know about the institution.
     So on these facts right before talking about the procedures involved for one to gain admission into UC Davis, let’s get to know a few stuff about the institution.
    UC Davis popularly known as University of California is a public research university that is located in Davis, California that was founded in 1905 as a branch but later became a separate entity in the year 1959.   
      UC Davis is one of the top notch institutions in America and this is why they have a large number of students enrolled in the institution. The institution is best known for promoting cultural diversity and equipping students not only with academic knowledge but also with professional skills.

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      Getting admission to study in UC Davis could be quite difficult because the institution could be sensitive at selecting their students because of their already established standard. Normally the acceptance rate of students in UC Davis is usually 41%.
     The University of California, Davis offer a variety of programs to their students both international and non-international students but the institution has popular majors in the following programs; Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Social Science, Psychology, Engineering and Agriculture.
      One of the procedures of gaining admission into the UC Davis is to have the complete requirement that is being requested by them and some of these requirements includes, English Exam Requirements such as TOEFL and IELTS with high scores, SAT and ACT scores are also required mind you need to have high scores in them and for the international students (study abroad) there is every need for you to acquire a passport and a temporary passport for your stay in the institution.
      There are actually two ways by which one can apply for an admission in UC Davis which are as a Freshman or a transfer student which are also available for International Student.
      As a freshman who is fresh out of high school, your gaining admission to the UC Davis solely depends on your high school diploma or grades (equivalent) and also meeting all the UC freshman admission requirements. 
    In conclusion, here are the few requirements that you might be needing as a freshman; 

a) You must have up to a total GPA of 3.00 or higher and students who are not residents of California must earn a GPA of 3.40 or higher 

b) SAT (1260-1480 scores) and ACT (28-34).

     Another method of applying for an admission in UC Davis is through transfer. UC Davis normally accept transfer from all schools across the globe but bear it in mind that special priority is given to transfers from California community colleges. For you to be eligible for the transfer, here are the few requirements that are being required of you; 

a) You must have at least earned a GPA of 2.80 and above from your former school 
b)  You are to report all post-secondary, college and university coursework in your application. 

    The tuitions fees for students outside the state is $40,434 while for students that are residents of the state charge   $11,442 and they add some charges which you can get more information from the school official website here. 

Note : The school charges or tuitions fees may increase or decrease at anytime,so we assure you to check the school official website for the school charges.

      So these are the few points of requirements that you need to know before actually start applying for an admission into UC Davis. 
      The next step after making sure that you have all the  requirements is to continually update yourself from their school website to when they have started accepting applications for students and the steps that are involved in the application.   

     Lastly, you can always visit them at for more info and procedures.


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