University of Washington Application Essay And Steps Toward Successfull Admission

     University of Washington is one of the most sought out schools in America as it is ranked among the best in the country. UW is a public school with academic excellence and highly selective in choosing their students in order to keep up with the University’s reputation. Gaining an admission into the university of Washington is not all about having good grades and test scores as you also have to prove to them that you are worth being a student through a UW application essay.
      One of the essence and most important aspect of gaining an admission into UW is to write an application essay which you can’t run away from so this is the reason why you should know how to do that perfectly well. 
      Normally, while seeking for an admission into the University of Washington, it is required of you to write and submit two to three application essays

 NB: the third one is actually optional. 

University of Washington Application Essay

    So in a nutshell, these essays include the following; Coalition essay (500 words), Short response (300 words) and Additional information (200 words)

     Coalition Essay: Normally the university coalition essay is made up five different types but one is not allowed to make choices of which he/she would write rather the University chooses one for you. This coalition essay is expected to be written at a maximum of 500 words on the dot and nothing higher than this. 
     The coalition essay normally requires intending students to answer some certain questions about themselves and their experiences so far. In this essay, you will have to explain an important experience that has to do with a particular problem and how you solved the problem including the impact you got from the experience. When writing down this experience try as much as possible to focus one experience and write well on it, avoid diverting from one topic to another and again please while writing this essay you must avoid beautifying stories to look great while it is not actually like that. 
      To summarize the coalition essay, always try and write something that says positivity about you.

     Short Response: After you are done with coalition essay, the next essay that is required from you is the short response essay and this essay is usually a 300 words essay. This short response essay normally requires you write about your history, cultural and communal background, social groups etc.
     The essence of this essay to determine how much value that you can offer to the diversity of the UW and again the UW needs students who can help build the diversity of the institution using their different background as a common ground.

    Additional Information: This particular section isn’t a must that you must attend to it so that makes it optional. Normally what is being required here is just for you to write about yourself and probably any unique characteristics you might possess.

University of Washington Application Essay -

     So these are the few things that you need to know on the number and type of application essay that is needed for UW admission process, now I will be sharing with you some few tips on how you can write the best essay ;

   => You need to proofread your essay before your finally submission. You have to crosscheck for proper use of language, spellings, punctuations just to make sure that everything is in order and that there are no mistakes at all.

   =>  After you must have been through with your proofreading is editing. Here you try to edit and erase any mistake that you must have found out from your proofreading process and you can also send your essays to your family and friends to help you go through it for possible editing.
    Remember the essay that you are writing will be submitted to UW alone so try as much as possible to be specific about.
    Write things that will only impress the UW, the ones that ties and addresses the value core of the institution and not just any essay.

   A little bit of advice, make sure you have gone through the UW admission requirement and have meet all of them before writing your application essay. Also make sure that your essay is written according to the guidelines provided by UW.

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