Top Repeated Questions By Scholarship Funder And Their Answers

I appreciate you visit here today! 

How long have you been applying for scholarships either to study abroad or some where else in your country but not admitted? 

Are you going to apply for a scholarship  this season? 

I have questions and answers that  are mostly ask by scholarship funder. 

Before scholarship provider give out scholarships, they give for a purpose which most favour them and the country! 

They don't just give scholarship but for a purpose which if you know you will gain it easily without much stress. 

I have an offer for you today, but before that let me tell you more about me. 


I'm Chinasa James  also known as The Agbai. A passionate study abroad advisor, who help students and the youths with solutions to their educational challenges and the founder of

Why I recommend this eBook?

This eBook contains ;

1.Top questions asked  by scholarship funder when screening. 

2. Question, they ask to know how trustworthy you are. 

3. Question, they asks to know how passionate you  are on your studies or whether your goal is just to travel  oversees . 

4. Answers to the questions with examples. 

There are lots of questions mostly asks, I made research on it and compiled it in a pdf format for you. To grab your copy, kindly click below:     

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